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The Best Support, Even Faster

We answer all support queries from Divi VIP members within 30 minutes. 24 hours per day, 7 days a week! More often than not, we’ll respond way faster than that. Get the best support in the business, and get it fast.

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10% Off In The Divi Marketplace

Divi VIP members get 10% off all purchases in the Divi Marketplace, and that stacks on top of any active sale discounts! Avid Divi Marketplace users will pay for the Divi VIP membership in savings and get VIP Support for free.

Put Us In Your Corner! We'll Give You The Support You Need To Run A Great Web Design Business.

The Divi membership already comes with great support. We provide a level of support, at a price, that seems too good to be true. That’s part of our secret sauce, and it’s why we have over 20,000 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. But...we want to do even better. We want to provide exactly the level of support any of our customers need to be successful. With Divi VIP, you get faster support (under 30 minute response times around the clock). Keep your clients happy by letting us solve their problems faster.

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Everyone on Your Team (Even Your Clients) Get VIP Support For Free!

Just like all other Divi services (such as Divi Cloud), your team members get access to Divi VIP for free! Everyone you invite to your team, including your clients, will enjoy 30 minute response times at no additional cost. This makes Divi VIP an incredible asset to Divi agencies and freelancers.

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Earn Back Your Membership Cost With Exclusive VIP Discounts

Divi VIP members get an additional 10% off products in the Divi Marketplace. These savings add up quick. In fact, many Divi VIP members will pay for their membership in savings and get VIP Support for free. This really makes the Divi VIP membership a no-brainer.

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Divi VIP is the perfect lifeline for Divi freelancers and agencies. Put us in your corner and we'll give you the support you need to run a great web design business.

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Not a Divi customer yet? Before you can use Divi Cloud, you must first purchase a Divi membership. After that, you can start using Divi Cloud for free to store up to 50 items! If you want unlimited Divi Cloud storage, return to this page to purchase a Divi Cloud Unlimited.

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$6/ Month

  • $72 Billed Yearly - Save $24!
  • VIP SupportExperienced support staff will respond to all of your support queries in under 30 minutes!
  • 10% Off Divi Marketplace ProductsThe Divi VIP membership pays for itself in Divi Marketplace savings, which stack on top of other sales and discounts.
  • VIP Support For All Team MembersAll of your team members get VIP Support at no additional cost!
  • Risk-Free GuaranteeWe offer a 30-day money back guarantee on all purchases. If you are not happy with your membership, we will refund your purchase. No questions asked.
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why should I pay to get faster support?

    It really depends on your priorities. The Elegant Themes membership already comes with amazing support. However, when it comes to giving the best support possible, we are working within the limitation of $89 subscription price. For some people, paying a bit more for faster support makes sense, especially if they are running their web design business on Divi. The Divi VIP membership allows us to subsidize a bigger support team so that we can answer your questions more quickly.

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  • Do my team members get faster support too?

    Yes they do! You only pay once for Divi VIP and the benefits are passed on to all of your team members and clients. That's one of the reasons why Divi VIP is such an amazing value.

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  • Can I change my billing cycle from monthly to yearly after I sign up?

    Yes, you can switch from monthly to yearly billing at any time and save 25% per year on your Divi VIP membership.

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  • What kind of support do you provide? What are the limits?

    We will always do our best to help you solve any issues that you are having with Divi and our other products. We'll walk you through solutions and even log in to your website using Divi's remote support system to give a helping hand! We do not provide custom development and we can't provide custom solutions in that regard, but we'll exhaust every option up until (and even slightly beyond) that point to help you.

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